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1.XI'AN, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- The 2020 Xi'an Marathon will be held on November 8, organizers said on Friday.。
2.The duo has never faced each other on the Tour level but had an encounter in junior competitions - with Swiatek knocking out the American to reach the quarterfinals of the 2016 girl's singles tournament also at Roland Garros.。
3."I felt tired, but I had no complaint about it," she said.。
4.GUANGZHOU, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- Former world No. 1 Feng Shanshan is aiming for a gold medal at next year's Tokyo Olympic Games, the 31-year old Chinese top woman golfer said in an interview with Xinhua on Thursday.。
5.Star forward Luis Suarez, who plays for Atletico Madrid and only arrived in Montevideo from Spain on Monday night, was one of the last players to report for training.。
6.The fans' dissatisfaction seems to be a common thing for national coaches. The latest statements of 2014 World Cup hero Schweinsteiger and record international Matthaeus have become a serious problem for the world's longest-serving manager.。


1."He has started treatment and physiotherapy. The next 24 hours will be important to see how his recovery will be. We'll evaluate him again before training [on Thursday] and we'll have a better idea then."。
2.He has been in impressive form for Galatasaray over the past month, with three goals from the opening four rounds of the Turkish Super Lig.。
3."That's what my team asked of me. That's what they needed me to do," Butler said of his performance. "I think the team brought me here for that reason, to help us win games. And I have to continue to do that for two more games."。
4.PARIS, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- World No.6 Sofia Kenin booked her second Grand Slam final appearance after overcoming Czech seventh seed Petra Kvitova 6-4, 7-5 on Thursday in the French Open semifinal.。
5.Fierce contention continued throughout the game. Yang Mengran's turnaround lay-up pushed Henan 92-90 ahead with 39 seconds remaining, and Henan sealed matters with 3 of 4 free throws later on.。
6.Lucenec started off strongly and built a vital 12-point lead at half-time. However, the host team gradually closed the deficit in the second half.。


1."Leo is happy to be in the national team and is doing well at his club now. From a distance, we wanted everything to be resolved so that he could start playing and get fit. For our part, I think it's positive that he has stayed because he has started to play. As for personal decisions, we don't get involved and we're not going to [comment]."。
2."I like beach volleyball more, and I can better control the ball. But it's still uneasy for us in a contest, because you will lose without effort," said Bai. "So I take skill trainings at least eight hours a day and stamina trainings three or four times a week."。
3."This is a spectacular season," said Coe, himself a two-time former Olympic champion. "This is an exceptional year. I'm really thankful for them. It tells me that the athletes have weathered the pandemic months extremely well. Many of them have been limited to their own houses for many months."。
4.Another game on Friday saw Henan rallied to the end and claimed a 95-90 victory over Zhejiang. Henan center Zhang Lingge scored a game-high 27 points and hauled down 10 rebounds. Enditem。
5."I am overjoyed to get this chance in free practice. The fact my first participation in a Formula one weekend will take place in front of my home audience at the Nurburgring makes this moment even more special," the 'little Schumacher' stated.。
6.After the loss, Tianjin, Hebei and Wuhan remained the last three teams on the table; they have not won a game since the season started.。


1、The victory, which was the 34-year-old Spaniard's 100th win from 102 matches at Roland Garros, also powered him to equal all-time men's record of 20 major titles held by Roger Federer. Enditem。
2、"Since the end of last season I've been feeling more comfortable and scoring more goals," Falcao said. "Hopefully I can carry that form with me to the national team. Our main objective is to qualify for the World Cup and I'm as motivated as ever to help the team achieve that."。
3、SAO PAULO, Oct. 9 (Xinhua) -- Brazil head coach Tite praised the performance of Neymar in Brazil's 5-0 victory over Bolivia in their opening 2022 World Cup qualifier on Friday.。
4、CHENGDU, Oct. 11 (Xinhua) -- 27 years since taking up basketball, including 16 years as a pro, Ji Yanyan is well aware of a palpable role that the sport plays in her 35 years of life.。
5、Two-time Wimbledon winner Kvitova produced more winners in the match (28-23) but also committed more unforced errors (31-20) than her younger opponent.。


MADRID, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- Spain claimed a deserved 1-0 win at home to Switzerland in the UEFA Nations League on Saturday night after a tactical 90 minutes in which clear chances were at a premium.!


  • 他手 10-25

    Argentina enter the match after defeating Ecuador 1-0 in their opening qualifier at La Bombonera on Thursday. Bolivia suffered a 5-0 defeat to Brazil in Sao Paulo.

  • 时很 10-24

    The 54th-ranked 19-year-old, who did not drop a set throughout the two-week tournament, also became the lowest-ranked French Open female winner since the WTA computer rankings began in 1975.

  • 台机 10-23

    "We always look for new things, strategies, harmony," Tite said of Neymar's free-roaming position just behind the strikers. "Neymar was playing more freely, in a central role, with freedom of movement and then moved wider as the defending got more demanding."

  • 古战 10-22

    Scotland is leading Group 2 of League B with seven points, the Czechs have six in second place, Israel has two in third.

  • 另一 10-21

    The clash will be a replay of the 2019 Copa America final, which Brazil won 3-1 at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

  • 则存 10-20

    Arias was taken off on a stretcher in the 12th minute of Friday's clash at Estadio Metropolitano after colliding with Darwin Marchis in an incident that left the Bayer Leverkusen player's left foot jutting sideways from his ankle.

  • 道血 10-19

    "Defense is quite vital in such an intense game," he noted.

  • 破龟 10-18

    BEIJING, Oct. 11 (Xinhua) -- Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton equaled Michael Schumacher's record of 91 Formula 1 Grand Prix wins with victory in Sunday's Eifel Grand Prix at the Nurburgring in Germany.

  • 野又 10-17

    The result on Sunday will shift the tide in the all-time battle for most major trophies. Roger Federer leads the way with 20 titles, with Nadal (19) and Djokovic (17) right behind. If Nadal lifts a record 13th Coupe des Mousquetaires, he will tie Federer's Grand Slam trophy count for the first time. If Djokovic emerges victorious, he will claw closer to both all-time greats and complete a second career Grand Slam, which no other man has done in the Open Era.

  • 索的 10-16

    Shao, captain of China's national team, first stood out to convert two fast break baskets in a row. Sichuan showed its depth with substitutes on the court, compiling a 10-point advantage after the first quarter expired.

  • 三境 10-15

    Pundits and media speak about the four-time world champion no longer being a top-class international team.

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